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a movie about free, earth-friendly heat
Some call it "carbon neutral," others "carbon negative." Heat your home with yard waste and cardboard while reducing global problems.

Rocket Mass Heaters are possibly the most powerful solution to many of the problems confronting individuals and the global population today.  For individuals, Rocket Mass Heaters can save thousands of dollars and bring greater comfort. Around our world, if a billion people used Rocket Mass Heaters as their primary source of heat, it would solve a list of global issues. The only barrier to this solution is . . . knowledge.

      Last fall, I hosted an event called the Rocket Mass Heater Jamboree, intended to offer this revolutionary and accessible home heating technology to the world and cause massive positive global change. The event was a smashing success. The cameras were rolling. We collected gobs of high-quality video of many different kinds of Rocket Mass Heaters and other Rockety contraptions.

viewers will get a front row seat for all of the following builds:
-A standard, 8 inch, pebble style j-tube rocket mass heater.  This is a basic, yet incredibly high performing system.
-A 6 inch cob style j-tube rocket mass heater in a tiny house.  Great heat in a smaller footprint.
-Lorena style rocket cooktop - heats a flame-embedded pot super fast, then heats the cook surface.
-A cottage-style rocket heater (with no mass) for a rocket sauna.
-A solar food dehydrator with a rocket assist for when the sun goes down.
-Installed the Liberator, a commercial product from the USA.
-Installed the Gamera, a commercial product from Bulgaria.

Other activities captured for the film:
-The basics of RMH design, build, safety, function, and maintenance.
-5-minute riser - a cheap & fast, readily available heat riser solution.
-Juice box stratification - a scheme to squeeze out a little more efficiency from the already breathtakingly efficient 8-inch system.
-An attempt at a rocket kiln/forge.  We fired some clay and melted some aluminum - a step toward more sustainable ceramics and metal-working.

To learn more about really saving energy, watch Paul Wheaton's TEDx talk.

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Free Heat movie - tiny download

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